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In-Ceiling Speakers
CL6.5 6 ½” LCR In-Ceiling Speaker
Outdoor Speakers
DC8.5 8″ Dual Channel Speaker

Outstanding Sound For The Performance You Love

The heartbeat of every speaker system can be felt in the quality of its sound. EMPHASYS speakers are designed by a select group of experienced engineers who love the feeling of outstanding sound as much as you do. It's why they place a premium on sound quality over specs—and performance over hype. Not sometimes or occasionally—but every time. And isn't that what you really want? Hear the EMPHASYS difference everytime you turn them on.

Each item you choose for your home is a reflection of your taste and style. That's why each of our loudspeakers has a form that respects and enhances the investment you have in your home. EMPHASYS in-ceiling speakers, in-wall and outdoor speakers are fashioned by a highly recognized team of industrial designers whose passion for cutting-edge design is matched only by their respect for the time-honored basics. The result: great design that perfectly complements the style of your life

Wide Selection

There’s an EMPHASYS speaker for every room in every home; and for virtually every budget, too. In-Ceiling speakers, In-Wall speakers, Dual Channel and outdoor models, each one available in a variety of the most popular configurations. As a result, designing the perfect EMPHASYS system is simple, pleasant and affordable. There’s no expertise required—just go to to configure your new home theater and whole-house sound system.

Reliability Peace of Mind

At EMPHASYS, we know that dependability and customer care are just as important as performance and great design. And, while the odds are squarely in your favor that you’ll never have to use it, we back every speaker we sell with our exclusive 10-year Limited Warranty. Our goal is simple: to make sure your investment in EMPHASYS remains pleasurable for years to come.

Welcome To The Family

We’re glad you took a few minutes to discover EMPHASYS. While we hope you agree that they’re some of the best-looking and best-performing speakers, a big piece of what makes us worthy of your consideration is what you won’t see simply by looking at the product. Unrivaled sound, premium components and advanced technology. In short: EMPHASYS was designed to put the competitive edge squarely in your corner.

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